Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Use OTA to setup SIP profiles in NOKIA S60 Phones - Part 4

To send back OTA XML back to customer, we need a SMS gateway with XML support.
One example is the NOWSMS software.
This software provides an URL interface for our asp program to send back OTA XML via http post.
With more and more Nokia phones launched, we soon find that the new models require OTA PIN by default.  Untrusted SMS is just silently ignored.
To add PIN to our OTA SMS, we need to include two parameters in the NOWSMS URL as below.
OTAPIN=<our specific pin>
We also have to revise our promotion leaflets with the PIN information. 
When user opens a pin-enabled SMS, the phone will prompt for a password and only after a correct pin is entered will the SIP profile be provisioned.