Friday, April 9, 2010

Use Nokia phones to make VOIP calls

Certain Nokia phones (eg E71, E66, N97, XM 56xx, etc) has a sip client built-in. We can turn the phone to a sip phone easily so as to enjoy the cost savings brought by voip technology.

How cost is saved?
In the first place, you need to find a ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider). There should be a number of ITSP around you already. You had better pick an ITSP which operates in country like US, HK, etc where the outgoing IDD rates are very low.

When you call from your sip-enabled nokia phone, your call is routed via internet to the ITSP which then links your call to the desired destination. With the VOIP technology, you were like making call from these countries. For example, making a call from HK to China is usually less than 15c while it is doubled in the other way round.

How to turn on the sip?

The sip configuration is usually in Tools>Settings>Connection>Sip. You just need to input the required SIP accounts and your phone is sip-enabled. Nevertheless, it could take you nothing less than a few minutes to complete the setup and some people really don't like working on the small phone keypads.

If massive rollout is required to a group of users, we can use SMS OTA to configure the phone. I'd furnish more details in another blog.

Where the nokia sip phone can be used?

Ideally, you can find free WIFI internet access which would not be too difficult nowadays.


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