Monday, May 3, 2010

Use OTA to setup SIP profiles in NOKIA S60 Phones - Part1

I once have a project to configure NOKIA S60 phones via OTA XML.
The project aims to promote some NOKIA S60 models by offering tips and funny applications.  WIFI feature always looks a good candidate to explore and VOIP so happens to be a heat topic.  Soon, we get a feeling that it would be cool if customer is giving a convenient method to turn his S60 phone to a VOIP phone.
With support from a VOIP provider, we then shape the overall logistic.
1.Customer purchases the S60 phone is given a gift voucher among other premiums.
2.The voucher entitles customer to some free air-time and contains an unique secret code
3.From the purchased phone, he then sends a text sms to our SMSC.   The sms content is simply the secret code on the voucher. [We need to ascertain that the sms comes from a genuine customer]
4.Our SMSC,upon receiving the secret code, performs a series of validation to determine the SIP profile we shall apply to the sending phone and how much free air-time the customer entitles.
5.Then we reply an OTA XML SMS to the customer.
6.Within a short time, the customer will see a new message on his phone.  By saving the sms, his NOKIA phone instantly is given a SIP profile with related parameters properly setup.  Customer does not need to bother the overwhelming technical details.  In fact, most customers knows nothing about SIP.  [we hope he is impressed by how simple it is].
7.To make a VOIP call, he dials a number as usual but this time has to choose 'Internet Call' from the option menu. 
8.The S60 phone then guides customer to select a local WIFI connection and proceeds to dial out. [We hope he could realize VOIP saves him some IDD costs and thus appreciate the S60 phone he purchased].

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