Monday, May 3, 2010

Use OTA to setup SIP profiles in NOKIA S60 Phones - Part 2

The proposed workflow makes sense to all parties and the project kicks off quickly.  While the marketing people takes care of the voucher production and distribution mechanism, I focus on several technical issues yet to solve.
Issues to be solved:
1.How to setup a SMS gateway to capture callerid and trigger the validation process.
2.Work out the OTA XML which will setup a SIP profile in S60 phones to automatically register at our VOIP service partner
3.How to send the OTA SMS back to customer
The first issue could be handled by NOWSMS.  It is a powerful and user-friendly SMS gateway on wintel platform.  It supports different types of SMSC via GSM modem, SMPP or HTTP interface.  We source a *SMS service provider which could reach all local mobile numbers at a good bulk pricing as well as an inbound number for our customer to send the voucher SMS.  NOWSMS easily recongizes this provider's gateway via SMPP interface. 
Next, we need to process the inbound sms and triggers the validation process.  It is accomplished in the '2-Way' tab of NOWSMS gateway control panel.  There, we instruct NOWSMS to invoke an ASP program upon receiving a sms and pass in two parameters: @@SENDER@@ and @@FULLSMS@@.  In the 'Received SMS Command Table', we input the below command.
When a sms is received, NOWSMS will substitue @@SENDER@@ and @@FULLSMS@@ with the callerid and the sms content which is, in our scenario, the voucher number and call the nokia.aspx.  Inside the asp, we perform some database validations on the voucher number and construct the OTA XML to send back to customer (ie the callerid).  Our campaign targets local customers due to a technical constraint.  There is chance that the OTA XML could not be sent intact to overseas mobile.  It depends on other side's local sms route.
* a more funny approach is to use GSM phone as the SMSC though it is for small scale deployment only.  however, we are more flexible with respect to cost and the selection of inbound number.

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